🇧🇪 EMCA – European Multisport Club Association

Project Coordinator

EMCA, is a multisport association that covers 29 countries and over 70 different types of sports. They have a vast network of sports clubs and organisations across Europe and are well positioned to provide valuable connections and resources to the project, as well as disseminate the main project outputs to its members. Through EMCA, DIgiRoot will be able to extend its outreach and pilot the platform in the grassroot sport clubs in several other EU countries, e.g. Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, etc.

🇩🇪 TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Project partner

Bayer Leverkusen is a German sports club with a history of 120 years. They offer 13 sports divisions, catering to all ages and abilities, and has membership of around 8,500 individuals being in professional as well as grassroot sport. Bayer Leverkusen places a strong emphasis on promoting junior athletes and supporting lifelong participation in sports. They have competitive teams in basketball, handball, football, judo, and volleyball, as well as investing in individual sports such as athletics, fencing, and paralympic sports

🇬🇷 Olympiacos SFP

Project partner

Olympiacos is a multi-sports club in Greece founded in 1925 with a focus on the systematic cultivation and development of athletes. The club is successful in football, basketball, volleyball, water polo, handball, track and field, swimming, sailing, rowing, canoeing, and kayaking. The club is committed to promoting the values of integrity, equity, and transparency through its code of ethics. Olympiacos also supports Olympic education and values through its sponsorship of the International Olympic Academy and the Hellenic Olympic Academy.

🇧🇬 LEVSKI – Sport for All

Project partner

LEVSKI-Sport for All is a grassroots sports organisation supporting “Levski” monosport clubs’ “Sport for All” programs. It coordinates events and initiatives to promote sports in collaboration with national and local authorities, and professional and educational organizations. The association aims to promote, support and develop sports and clubs under the name “Levski” and to organise mass sporting events. It collaborates closely with public administration on national and local levels.

🇭🇷  HAŠK Mladost

Project partner

HAŠK Mladost was founded in Zagreb in 1903 (under the name of Hrvatski akademski športski klub). HAŠK Mladost (hask-mladost.hr) is the largest multisport society and the only academically oriented one in Croatia, consisting of 30 sport sections with more than altogether 3,600 sport athletes. HAŠK Mladost has an active international cooperation programme, leading and participating in projects related to social responsibility, development and sport integrity. HAŠK Mladost stays committed to endorse and promote the Olympic and sport values, by upholding sport integrity pillars and raising the quality in sport education and performance. Building the relationships with all relevant stakeholders remains a strong goal of our activities, with a focus on lifelong active and healthy living.

🇪🇸 GSIC – Global Sports Innovation Center

Project partner

Global Sport Innovation Centre (GSIC), powered by Microsoft, is at the forefront of sport and innovation, connecting different stakeholders and using its vast network to bring in innovative solutions and disseminate project outputs. GSIC’s expertise in the sport tech industry will be particularly useful in identifying and selecting solutions that are most relevant and beneficial to the target groups of the DigiRoot project.

🇨🇾 UCY – University of Cyprus

Project partner

The SEIT Lab is an essential part of UCY’s Department of Computer Science, focusing on Software Engineering and Internet Technologies. Its research is centered on ICT-enabled Creativity and Enhanced Learning Environments, with expertise in inclusive online learning for diverse learners. SEIT Lab has extensive expertise in applying ICT to Technology Enhanced Learning (such as e-Learning, m-Learning, Blended Learning, and Open and Distance Learning) in general, as well as Lifelong Learning in particular.


Associate  partner

IIISSS joins DigiRoot as an Associated Partner. The organisation based in Italy, has more than 10 years of activities in the field of the social role of sport conducted by Policies and Research Centre Territoria House and more than 40 years of expertise by the founders in sport programs and projects ranging from top competition to management of grassroots sport facilities, from domestic national policies to European and international cooperation. Their Areas of Intervention are Social Role of Sport and Sport Integrity. Through IIISSS, DIgiRoot will be able to extend its outreach and pilot the platform in the grassroot sport clubs in Italy.

🇩🇪 Freiburger Kreis

Associate partner

The Freiburger Kreis V. is a federation of large sports clubs, currently comprising of more than 190 clubs with over one million members with a wide range of sports and non-sports activities. It is the largest cooperation of sports clubs at the national level, founded in 1974 in Freiburg in Breisgau by 23 large clubs. Prerequisites for membership are proof of at least 2,500 members and full-time management or larger club-owned facilities. Goals of the association are:

  • Support for the member clubs also in unconventional ways
  • Initiatives in sport and sport-political structures
  • Development of structures
  • Improvement of sports administration